I also actively participate in various events, educational events and exhibitions;

  • *Collective exhibition “Kačerginė on canvas of painters”, 05.11.2021, Kačerginė;
  • *Conducted a plein air (outdoor event-workshop) “We draw river Nemunas”, 07.22.2022, Kačerginė;
  • *Exhibition “Autumn colours”, the Library of Vilkija city, 28.10.2022, Vilkija;
  • *Exhibition “Above the stars”, 26.11.2022, Kačerginė school 
  • multi-functional centre, Kačerginė;
  • *Exhibition “Above the stars”, 20.12.2022, Department of Culture and sports of Kaunas Region Municipality Administration, Kaunas;
  • *Exhibition “Forest in the colour palette” 19.02.2022, Community centre of Akademija, Lokali, Akademija;
  • *Exhibition “Above the stars”, 28.02.2023,  Public library of Kaunas district, Kaunas;
  • *Exhibition “In search of myself”, 21.04.2023, Zapyškis Old Church, Zapyškis;
  • *Exhibition “Above the stars”, 31.05.2023, The House of National Communities, Vilnius;
  •  *Collective plein air “Discovered and undiscovered Kačerginė”, 22.09.2023 – 24.09.2023, Kačerginė;
  •  *Exhibition ’’ Magical Christmas“, 01.12.2023, Kačerginė school –
  • multi-functional centre, Kačerginė;
  • *An award “Silver badge of honour” for merits was granted by the Department of National Minorities under the government of the Republic of Lithuania’’ 07.12.2023, Vilnius.




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