’’Seeking Understanding in Silence”


Canvas painting, in acrylic
The dimensions are 70cm x 90cm x 2cm.
27.6 inches x 35.4 inches x 0.8 inches


The painting ‘Seeking Understanding in Silence’ captures a delightful winter scene, where a snow-covered forest provides a serene and isolated setting. At the center of this contemplative scene stands a thoughtful dog, whose gaze wanders into the depths of the forest, as if seeking understanding and meaning beyond what is apparent. The atmosphere of silence and peace conveys a sense of contemplation and introspection, suggesting that sometimes true wisdom can only be found in inner silence and connection with nature. The dog, being a symbol of loyalty and wisdom, serves as a guide for the search for deep understanding and inner peace. ‘Seeking Understanding in Silence’ invites the viewer to pause and connect with their own inner search for understanding and peace, while enjoying the beauty and magic of the winter landscape.